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The term is also applied to treaties imposed during the same time frame on late Joseon Dynasty Korea by the post- Meiji Restoration Empire of Japan. The treaties were often signed by these Asian states after suffering military defeat in various skirmishes or wars with the foreign powers or when there was a threat of military action by those powers.

The term "unequal treaty" did not come into use until early in the 20th century. These treaties were considered unequal in China "because they were not negotiated by nations treating each other as equals but were imposed on China after a war, and because they encroached upon China's sovereign rights The earliest attempt to settle a conflict between Western and Asian powers was the Convention of Chuenpee negotiations during the First Opium War.

In addition, the administration of justice on foreign residents in the port cities were afforded trials by their own consular authorities rather than the Chinese legal systema concept termed extraterritoriality.

Some countries failed to press unequal treaties upon China: the Chinese forced the Italians to give up on a demand to hand over Sanmen Bay to them. Korea's first unequal treaty was not with the West but with Japan. The unequal treaties ended at various times for the countries involved. Japan's victories in the —95 First Sino-Japanese War convinced many in the West that unequal treaties could no longer be enforced on Japan.

Korea's unequal treaties with European states became largely null and void inwhen it was annexed by Japan. After World War I, patriotic consciousness in China focused on the treaties, which now became widely known as "unequal treaties.

After Chiang Kai-shek declared a new national government inthe western powers quickly offered diplomatic recognition, arousing anxiety in Japan. Significant examples of unequal treaties on China did outlast World War II: unequal treaties regarding Hong Kong remained in place until Hong Kong's handoverand into improve Sino-Russian relationsChina reconfirmed the Treaty of Aigun.

Writing in the Hong Kong Law JournalPeter Wesley-Smith suggests that many of these treaties were signed by participants acting ultra vires of their legal authority, which should have made those treaties illegitimate. Reisman argued that the proclamation by China in that all treaties with Japan were abrogated was devoid of any legality and effect in international law.

As supporting evidence, they refer to the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, art. However, the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties did not come into force until after and only covered treaties concluded after the entry into force of the Convention.

Such title, insofar as it is title, ceases to be a bilateral contractual relationship and becomes a real relationship in international law. Though contract may be a modality for transferring title, title is not a contractual relationship. Frank Chiang, writing in the Fordham International Law Journal inexpanded upon this analysis to state that there are no international law principles which can serve to validate a unilateral proclamation to abrogate or revoke a territorial treaty, whether based on a charge of being "unequal," or due to a subsequent "aggression" of the other party to the treaty, or any other reason.

The American annexation of Hawaii in was an example of an "unequal treaty doctrine" and its consequences. This entry is from Wikipedia, the leading user-contributed encyclopedia. It may not have been reviewed by professional editors see full disclaimer.Not the same in any measurable aspect, such as extent or quantity.

Consisting of ill-matched opponents: an unequal race. Not having the required abilities; inadequate: "It was maddening to be unequal to many enterprises" D.

All rights reserved. Copyright, by Random House, Inc. Switch to new thesaurus. Based on WordNet 3. Lacking capability: inadequateincapableincompetentunfitunqualified. Not fair, right, or just: inequitableunfairunjust. Mentioned in? Achromatic prism adequate amphiblastic aniso- anisocercal anisometric Anisopetalous Anisostemonous Anisosthenic anorthic arbitrage artificial kidney Badger-legged beam scale Beat of a watch brachiopod caper family Capparidaceae chemical analysis.

References in classic literature? But the most common and durable source of factions has been the various and unequal distribution of property. View in context. If equally matched, we can offer battle; if slightly inferior in numbers, we can avoid the enemy; if quite unequal in every way, we can flee from him.

The left-hand scene presented the view of a very fine park, composed of very unequal ground, and agreeably varied with all the diversity that hills, lawns, wood, and water, laid out with admirable taste, but owing less to art than to nature, could give.

I modestly declared myself to be quite unequal to the task imposed upon me--and I privately felt, all the time, that I was quite clever enough to perform it, if I only gave my own abilities a fair chance. Let us first determine what are the proper limits of an oligarchy and a democracy, and what is just in each of these states; for all men have some natural inclination to justice; but they proceed therein only to a certain degree; nor can they universally point out what is absolutely just; as, for instance, what is equal appears just, and is so; but not to all; only among those who are equals: and what is unequal appears just, and is so; but not to all, only amongst those who are unequals ; which circumstance some people neglect, and therefore judge ill; the reason for which is, they judge for themselves, and every one almost is the worst judge in his own cause.

Each of the aforesaid quantities is said to be equal or unequal.

unequal synonym definition

For instance, one solid is said to be equal or unequal to another; number, too, and time can have these terms applied to them, indeed can all those kinds of quantity that have been mentioned. For military science to say this is like defining momentum in mechanics by reference to the mass only: stating that momenta are equal or unequal to each other simply because the masses involved are equal or unequal.At sixes and sevens: phrases with numbers.

The slices were unequal in size. Different and difference. Until women are paid as much as men, they will be competing on unequal terms. They have an unequal relationship. Unfairness and favoring someone unfairly. He tried to cheer her up but found himself unequal to the task. Inability and awkwardness. Related word unequally adverb. The unequal status of parent and child is recognized in law.

Inthe Supreme Court declared that racial segregation in the public schools was unequal. Pension provision is becoming increasingly unequal, with around a third of the workforce facing inadequate pensions.

The government faces renewed pressure to tackle unequal pay. A new study by the Law Society indicated that unequal treatment for women solicitors was still continuing. According to a recent surveyBritain is the most unequal society in western Europe.

Ultimately, the management team was unequal to the task of paying off the mountain of debt it had taken on. Examples of unequal. It's not just about disparity in income, but also about unequal access to healthcare, childcare, and education. From Huffington Post.

Yet these laws were little more than legislated racism and all knew the real goal behind their unequal effects. From CNN. Throughout their time in service, they were also unequal by law. We're one of the most unequal societies in the developed world. From CBS News. The business reforms of the '30s have proven unequal to chicaneries of later ages, and periodically must be updated. From Slate Magazine.

I think the more unequal you get, the more competitive social relationships become, because there's more status competition. From TIME. And the picture they paint is one of separate, but equal - unequal.

From NPR. The suit also seeks to halt approvals that result in unequal protections for different neighborhoods. From Los Angeles Times. But even this clearly unequal treatment is difficult for people to understand as sexist.

Look up a word, learn it forever.

From The Atlantic. We're simultaneously one of the richest and most unequal cities on the planet. We need credit to lubricate the workings of our economy, and access to credit in today's world has become far too unequal.

unequal synonym definition

Since unequal school funding is largely a myth, it can not explain the racial achievement gap. From Heritage.See more words from the same year. Accessed 6 Jun. Nglish: Translation of unequal for Spanish Speakers.

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Take the quiz True or False? Play the game.Not equal; not matched; not of the same size, length, breadth, quantity, strength, talents, acquirements, age, station, or the like; as, the fingers are of unequal length; peers and commoners are unequal in rank. Ill balanced or matched; disproportioned; hence, not equitable; partial; unjust; unfair. Against unequal arms to fight in pain. Jerome, a very unequal relator of the opinion of his adversaries. John Worthington.

To punish me for what you make me do Seems much unequal. Not uniform; not equable; irregular; uneven; as, unequal pulsations; an unequal poem. Not adequate or sufficient; inferior; as, the man was unequal to the emergency; the timber was unequal to the sudden strain.

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The SensagentBox are offered by sensAgent. Change the target language to find translations. Tips: browse the semantic fields see From ideas to words in two languages to learn more.The first concern is that the distribution of costs and benefits is very unequal.

Board member Jacinta Greene said she cast her vote Monday on behalf of everyone who tried and failed to alter the name and for students of color who suffered through unequal education in Alexandria. Much of the problem, however, lies in the unequal way America treats mental health compared with physical illnesses.

But at the same time, markets involve people in new roles and relationships, which can feel just as mandatory and unequal. The problem comes in when unequal economic power extorts emotional work.

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Similarly, the video selections for each contestant were wildly unequalfor no apparent reason. The grossly unequal societies we now know were beginning to form. The most recent numbers place it as the seventh-most unequal among 35 OECD states. The segments of the corolla are pointed but on some varieties unequalparticularly that of Shiraz tobacco.

Those varieties of the plant with heart-shaped leaves have paniculated flowers with unequal cups. The courage of the natives proved unequal to the danger of facing such a charge.

unequal to

Alsop was thought to be of good heart, but unequalas Mr. Scott affirmed, "to the trust in point of abilities.

The writer made its acquaintance inwhen it was tuned on the unequal temperament system. New Word List Word List. Save This Word! See synonyms for unequal on Thesaurus. Words nearby unequal un-Englishunenlightenedunenteredunenthusiasticunenviableunequalunequaledunequalledunequippedunequitableunequivocal.

unequal synonym definition

Words related to unequal unevendifferinginequitableone-sideddisproportionateunbalanceddisparatedissimilardistantdivergentdiverseincommensurateoddunlikeunmatchedvariablevariousvaryingweirdmismatched. The U. The main metric economists use to measure inequality is deeply flawed Amanda Shendruk December 4, Quartz.These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'unequal.

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Definition of unequal Entry 3 of 3. Keep scrolling for more. Examples of unequal in a Sentence Adjective unequal academic standards for male and female students unequal justice based on race.

Hance Park in Phoenix on Saturday to unite against unequal treatment and hate crimes against communities of color, particularly Asian Americans.

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